Other Ceremonies


Naming Ceremony

A celebration, of the special little person that has come into your life. A time to formally introduce your precious child and the name you have chosen, to all of your loving family and friends.  A time for everyone to share in the joy and happiness of a new life and to express their love and support for your new family member.

Renewal of Vows

The love and commitment that you shared on your wedding day, the promises you made, through your vows to each other, are re-affirmed in this ceremony. It is a time to celebrate the wonderful years you have been married and the joy of many more years to come.

Commitment Ceremony

 A commitment ceremony is for any couple, who wish to declare their love and devotion to one another, for the rest of their lives. A couple who wish to share the joy of their love with all of their families and friends present, as they make a lifetime commitment.